2 Reasons To Enroll In A SAT Prep Course

15 June 2017
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Most colleges will look quite heavily at 3 different things when they are determining whether or not they would like to accept you. These include your GPA, your extra curricular activities, and your SAT scores. Because these 3 things are so important, it is necessary that you do well in all of them in order to be considered a well-rounded candidate. While your GPA and your extracurricular activities are going to be an accumulation of several years of work and participation, you SAT scores are going to come from a single test. A great way to prepare for this test is to take a SAT prep course. Most high schools offer these courses throughout the year, allowing you to start preparing whenever you personally feel you need to. This article will discuss 2 reasons to enroll in a SAT prep course. 

Become More Familiar With What Each Sections Tests You On 

While you may think you know English, math, science, and reading subject matter quite well, this doesn't mean that you know what is on the SAT. You may be surprised to find that the SAT tests you in each section in a way that you are not familiar with or did not expect. This can throw you for a loop, both in terms of time and accuracy. However, if you choose to take a SAT prep course before you take the actual test, you will be given information regarding each section of the test. For example, you may be told that the science section mainly focuses on reading and analyzing different scientific graphs and charts. This allows you to focus on this, rather than spending time studying things that aren't going to be applicable for the test. 

Take Practice Tests 

Another awesome reason to enroll in a SAT prep course is the fact that you can take multiple practice tests. These practice tests not only familiarize you with the problems that you will be working on for the actual test, but they also help you to become more familiar with the time frame for the test as well. You will be given a designated amount of time for each section, and will be given small breaks at certain times as well. This allows you to see how fast you need to work to complete each section, and can help you to feel amply prepared when it comes to taking the actual test.